Achieving Effective Inventory

Attaining a consolidated, accurate inventory is difficult for many communications providers. The challenges include: data housed in multiple systems (e.g., billing, CRM, ordering, provisioning) and manual update processes – both of which lead to “dirty” data. However, achieving cleaner inventory data opens many opportunities to carriers – including enhanced cost … Continue reading

Effects of Mergers

As more and more companies begin to merge and acquire new companies, they are all going through the process of reducing the number of systems, reducing costs, and trying to achieve visibility across multiple, converging product lines. This is beneficial for companies to do so to be able to stay … Continue reading

Pay vs. Short Pay

Every auditor – whether in a carrier or enterprise organization – uncovers instances where the billed amount is higher than is should be. Then a decision must be made – to pay the full amount paid (“pay”) or to calculate the true amount due, but subtracting any discrepancies, and pay … Continue reading

VXML hacking

Today I hacked around on Voxeo’s VXML platform and managed to build a rudimentary local search voice application modeled on their screen scrape. It was surprisingly straightforward and initially used Google’s Web API for search. After finishing, I discovered Yahoo!’s API was much more complete, both in terms of what … Continue reading


fter months of evaluating commercial analytics programs we found no better value for our client then AWStats. This is a fantastic open-source application written in Perl. Most of the major players are moving away from bulk hosting analytics. For example web trends now requires you pay licensing per visitor in … Continue reading