3ware – SATA RAID

After being disappointed with Linux support for low-end SATA RAID cards I began searching for a controller card which would give me optimal performance, and complete Linux support. A few quick Google searches later I found a candidate. 3ware is a smaller company (now owned by AMCC) which builds an extensive line of SATA / ATA RAID cards. They also make their drivers open source, which allows for quick release of quality drivers. There is also a good amount of documentation on the Internet on how to compile your own drivers as well. They clearly build their product around the Linux environment. Continue reading

Dell Laptops Suck

I thought I would start my blog with some useful information specifically that Dell laptops suck. I hate to start off on a negative note, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up before they buy one of these paper weights. Maybe I’m just venting because I’ve had to ship defective drives back to Dell every two weeks. It just seems like over the last few years their quality has diminished. Continue reading