Dell Laptops Suck

I thought I would start my blog with some useful information specifically that Dell laptops suck. I hate to start off on a negative note, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up before they buy one of these paper weights. Maybe I’m just venting because I’ve had to ship defective drives back to Dell every two weeks. It just seems like over the last few years their quality has diminished.

Don’t get me wrong, their still better then the Packard Bell days. I’d also like to say their server / workstation lines are top-notch. At work we have a half-dozen or so laptops all of which have experienced some type of hardware failure. I’ve also noticed the durability isn’t what it was either. The laptop chassis, keyboard, and screen seem to be weak and fragile. The focus of my frustration is directed primarily at their Latitude D400 model. Between the random lockups, hard drive failures, and simple lack of processing power it finds it way to my desk about every two weeks.

This isn’t the only model with problems; we’ve had LCD fail on their entry level Latitude line-up as well. This is simply unacceptable; these laptops are under a year old, and lightly used.

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