Making Work Easy

There are a few applications which have made my life significantly easier. I thought I would take a moment to express a special thank you to the following programs.

This terrific application was a great tool to get me started managing Linux boxes. It’s not something which I use every day, but there are a few tools in webmin which I couldn’t live without. Specifically I’ve found the send mail module to be very effective way to manage the queue, read users mail, and troubleshoot problem. Over the years I’ve used webmin less and less, but for anyone new to managing a Linux server this application is incredibly useful.

IPCheck Server Monitor

This is an application which I’ve just started to use. Mainly out of disappointment with freeware monitoring software. This application does cost money, but it will well worth it. The biggest benefit I’ve found is the ability to “test” the connection before sending an alarm. With other application every time my cable modem at home would blink the alarm would go off. Now I can run a final check of internet connectivity before reporting the problem. IPCheck also gives you a very easy to use web or desktop based management solution. It’s easy enough to a novice computer user can add / remove domains from being monitored. All of these features have definitely helped me sleep better at night.

MySQL Tools

I am not a SQL expert by any stretch; this application has given me exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Although not prefect it does offer a desktop equivalent to Enterprise Manager for Microsoft SQL. This allows our Microsoft developers to make any easy transition from MS-SQL > MySQL. It also give me management tools to add / remove users permissions with ease.

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