Wireless Entertainment

Cell phones have come to be so much more than just a telephone. In this day and age it is hard to find a cell phone just for the sole purpose of making calls. Mobile phones have cameras, the ability to take videos, send text messages, emails and so much more. Recently in L.A, entertainment executives met to discuss how mobile content will be broadcasted through cellular phones. The debate centers around whether the content should be portrayed in the same way that existing TV shows, games etc. are spun off. The L.A executives posed the question, “Should they recreate the experience of the TV, silver screen or gaming console on a 2-inch-by-2-inch screen, or should they embrace the medium as an entirely new format with unique capabilities and limitations?” There are different views to this question, many with the feeling that it is impossible to deliver the content in the same manner.

3ware – SATA RAID

After being disappointed with Linux support for low-end SATA RAID cards I began searching for a controller card which would give me optimal performance, and complete Linux support. A few quick Google searches later I found a candidate. 3ware is a smaller company (now owned by AMCC) which builds an extensive line of SATA / ATA RAID cards. They also make their drivers open source, which allows for quick release of quality drivers. There is also a good amount of documentation on the Internet on how to compile your own drivers as well. They clearly build their product around the Linux environment. Continue reading


fter months of evaluating commercial analytics programs we found no better value for our client then AWStats. This is a fantastic open-source application written in Perl. Most of the major players are moving away from bulk hosting analytics. For example web trends now requires you pay licensing per visitor in your reports. Basically the more successful your site, the more money they want from you. Sounds like a scam doesn’t it? Continue reading

Sights and Sounds at WiMAX World

Thoughts I had after WiMAX World:

Most of the executives know that they want to deploy something to offer wireless broadband. They also know how much it will cost to offer the level of broadband users are asking for. The only problem is that the assumption on cost is predicated on an old-style centralized architecture design. A move in mindset to a more distributed system of wireless peers creating a true mesh solution is not only cheaper in cost, but helps to mitigate the spectrum issues associated with the unlicensed ISM bands that existing infrastructural designs are susceptible to. Continue reading

Dell Laptops Suck

I thought I would start my blog with some useful information specifically that Dell laptops suck. I hate to start off on a negative note, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up before they buy one of these paper weights. Maybe I’m just venting because I’ve had to ship defective drives back to Dell every two weeks. It just seems like over the last few years their quality has diminished. Continue reading

Finding good affiliate programs

Finding good affiliate programs isn’t an easy task. You run the risk when you sign up to a program that you maybe, just maybe… could get ripped off when it comes to your affiliate pay. Often the best way to avoid this is to go to the bigger ad networks, or affiliate networks and work through them. Some have had a rough go of it, and have had issues in payments as well. But odds are better if you work with a bigger name – such as Commission Junction, ShareaSale, and LinkShare (just to name a few). Not to say that all smaller affiliate programs aren’t worth investigating. Continue reading

Free Cars for All

GM’s answer to their predicament of losing money on every car they sell? An incentive program selling cars to all at employee discounts. So, as Autoblog notes, they’re not only offering unsustainable incentives, they’re probably cannibalizing their post-incentive sales too. Sheer genius. Continue reading